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Canon Rebel T2i

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Ute Klein

Resonanzgeflechte, 2009

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Ice washed onto the black sand beach of lake Jökulsárlón, Iceland.
Photo credit: Konstantin Khrapko
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Léa Seydoux in Petit tailleur by Louis Garrel
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Respectability politics are so trash. Black men/Latinos in hoodies and baggy pants don’t deserve to be shot or mistreated just like women in short skirts don’t deserve to be raped. Any idiot with two brain cells to rub together would know that Martin Luther King was murdered in a suit and women in the 1800’s that were wearing long, complicated, thick ass dresses were still sexually assaulted. Stop that nonsense.

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Devendra Banhart
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We are negligent and we are killing our world.

Powerful images — our actions can (and do) affect something as big as an ocean. 

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Dane Dehaan wearing a shirt with himself on it 
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316 Palestinians massacred in Gaza. Over 2200 wounded. 80% are unarmed civilians. More than 1 out of 5 murdered are children.

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Leer, South Sudan
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the cops kill a lot more people than they save, and that’s the fucking truth

— julian casablancas

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